:)    This is my pathetic excuse for a blog.
Here's 'B.O.B.' (Big Ol' Bike).

It's my winter project, or latest death wish, not sure which yet.
I, or one of my survivors, will probably post an update sometime late in the Spring.





So, ten years or so ago I decided to become a sculptor, using the boys as guinea pigs. Got halfway through and put it aside, in part due to complaints from the boys. Last summer the project was resurrected - that's what free time will do to you - and here's where we are so far. . .


And speaking of spare time, I was about to donate an old, outdated world globe to Goodwill, when I decided to make a moon globe instead. A little spackle, some Sharpie lids and pen caps and, voilą. In plenty of time for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 (I'm very excited!) If you can make out the red hatpin on the globe, that's the approximate landing site. And if you're a fellow space nerd, go watch
"In the Shadow of the Moon"

You won't regret it.

In my previous life, I was really into cars. Top photo is me building my bored, stroked and balanced 283 (now 301) Chevy engine. On the right, the first car I bought with my own money, a 1962 corvette (1966-1975). I drove it to work for ten years.


Oh, alright. Here's my second car, E-type series 1 (1974-1983). It was the sleekest, the fastest (150) and I drove it whenever I could afford the parts to keep it running, which was not that much.


Finally, here's the obligatory childhood selfie, taken about 80 years ago at a miniatures show, possibly in Philly - (sorry, all the airports and salesrooms seem to run together) - looks like I was having a good time.


Would anyone like to hear about my dinner with Bruce Springsteen?