New Orleans Street Tiles  



Framed Street Tiles
(with exposed brick)

If you've ever been a tourist in New Orleans, you've undoubtedly seen the wonderful street name tiles on the sides of buildings in the Vieux Carré. These ceramic tiles commemorate the original names of these streets during the Spanish reign of the 18th century.

My French Quarter Street Tile replicas capture all the charm of the real thing, only in a smaller scale. Each is Gilt framed in an authentic setting, your choice of distressed stucco, old brick, or stucco with exposed brick (please specify choice).

Resin background, realistic glossed printed tiles in a wide variety of street names. Frame approx. 6" x 8", dated and signed.

Old Brick


Distressed Stucco

Select Name:

Available Street Names  

Select Style:  (see samples)

   Calle De San Pedro
   Calle De Santa Ana
   Calle De Tolosa
   Calle Del Maine
   Calle Real
   Camino De Bayona
   Camino Real y Muelle
   Plaza de Armas

Calle De Conti
   Calle De Aduana
   Calle De Bienville
   Calle De Bourbon (shown)
   Calle De Chartres
   Calle De Conde
   Calle De Orleans
   Calle De San Filipe
  Calle De San Luis

Stucco with exposed brick

Old Brick

Distressed Stucco


Photo of Actual Street Tiles


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